Chris + Sara Engaged

If you like film-esque, rustic looking engagement photos, you'll love these.

I love Sara and Chris (who our friends affectionately call "Nacho")
I had the privilege of living with Sara last year.
She is one of the strongest, and most dedicated women I have ever met.
When Sara says she is going to do something, she does it,
and I have always admired that about her. 
It's so easy to see Jesus in the way she talks to people.

Nacho has such a tender heart.
He is always the life the party,
he cares for people in a deep way,
and I can't forget to mention his impeccable fashion senses. 

On top of that, Sara was (sort of) my Younglife leader when I was in high school!
And Nacho led with Shane when Shane was a Younglife leader!
Which makes this even more rich! 

We're so excited to shoot their wedding this fall,
and see the ways The Lord blesses their journey.